Afro Credit Corporation

A people-based lending solution

Afro Credit Corporation is an online micro-financial corporation with a social lending focus.
We provide personal private loans that help working class Afro families or individuals make ends meet.

About ACC

Thousands of Afro immigrants in Canada have challenges in this demanding economy. Many of our community are denied loans from traditional financial institutions because of bad financial record, or no credit record. Who can you turn to when you’re faced with a dire, immediate financial emergency? Afro Credit Corporation is ready to help our community get the short-term funds they need for:

  • personal home projects
  • rent/mortgage payments
  • some medical expenses
  • debt consolidation
  • education costs
  • credit-building
  • wedding or moving expenses
  • miscellaneous emergency

Why ACC?
Our focus is our Afro community.

At Afro Credit Corporation we’re ready to serve everyone who qualifies for a short-term microcredit loan, with a primary focus on the Afro Communities in Canada.

We offer comparatively lower interest rates and fees than traditional financial lending companies, and with more flexible repayment schedules. And because we’re people focused, we deliver funds expressly upon approval.  

ACC believes in financial empowerment. That’s why we offer free online financial literacy seminars and to further enhance financial education and growth inside our Afro communities. 

Our website operates on a highly secured server, using the latest in encryption technology, so you can be sure your information is transferred safely. Learn more here.

Who Is Eligible?

Anyone meeting the following requirements may apply for a microcredit loan from Afro Credit Corporation:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age and citizen or resident of Canada.
  • Must have an active bank account from a legitimate financial institution within Canada
  • Must show proof of employment for at least 6month; or self-employment for at least 1 year.
  • Must disclose legal and legitimate reasons for borrowing the funds on application forms.

Please note: funds will NOT be loaned out for illegal activities; money laundering, purchase of illegal equipment or illegal drugs, trafficking. etc. Funds will not be loaned out for social activities which do not positively enhance or represent the Afro family communities – gambling, etc.

How It Works

Afro Credit Corporation makes the application process easy, stress free, and convenient:

  1. Fill out the online application form and submit the forms with the necessary documents. 

  2. A representative from our team will contact you once they receive the application.

  3. Once the application has been reviewed and approved, funds are transferred directly into your account by e-transfer or interact. A notification email is sent to confirm delivery of funds, and detail your loan plan with ACC.

Please note: ALL Applications MUST include government ID, photo of you HOLDING government ID beside your face, 6 months proof of employment (paystubs), 4 most recent bank/credit card statements. Incomplete applications will be delayed.

    • 4 most recent bank statements

    • government-issued ID

    • a photo of you holding your ID beside your face

    • 6 months proof of employment/paystubs

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    Sign up for invitations to our free online seminars with licensed financial advisors from our community sharing their knowledge on debt education, and budgeting to help families in the Afro communities reach their financial goals.

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